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Brandon Sherrell, MA, ATC, LAT, PES
Sports Medicine Marketing Manager
Athletic Trainer
Leesville High School

Willy Johnson, LAT, ATC
Wellness Advisor/OSHA Coordinator
Athletic Trainer for Durham School of the Arts

Nate Rice, LAT, ATC, CSCS
Athletic Trainer
Voyager Academy
Heritage High School

Jordan Blake, LAT, ATC
Athletic Trainer
Wakefield High School

Megan Pendergraft, LAT, ATC
Athletic Trainer
South Johnston High School
Corinth Holders High School

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We proudly support the following athletic programs:

Dr. Richard Bruch supporting:

The Durham Bulls

Dr. Marshall Kuremsky supporting:

The Holly Springs Salamanders

Dr. Mark Burt supporting:

Heritage High School

Dr. William Hage supporting:

Leesville High School
Campbell University

Dr. Shep Rosenblum supporting:

Wakefield High School

Dr. William Silver supporting:

Durham School of the Arts

Dr. Lucas Romine supporting:

Corinth Holders High School
South Johnston High School

EmergeOrtho-Wilson supporting:

Univeristy of Mount Olive

Dr. Robert Satterfield supporting:

Barton College

Fike High School

Dr. Richard Holm supporting :

Roanoke Rapids High School

Dr. B. Todd Smith supporting:

Beddingfield High School

WilsonOrtho supporting:

Wilson Tobs

Dr. Kevin Krasinski supporting:

The Burlington Royals

Athletic Trainers

EmergeOrtho Athletic Trainers have been recognized by the American Medical Association (AMA) as an allied health care profession since 1990. Our Athletic Trainers collaborate with the physicians, physical therapists, and many other healthcare providers to optimize activity and participation of patients and athletes. Certified Athletic Trainers (ATs) are medical experts in preventing, recognizing, managing and rehabilitating injuries that result from physical activity.

"EmergeOrtho has been the best thing that has happened to Enloe High School Sports Medicine. The transition was smooth. The communication is great. If I have a question, I have my doctor's cell number and can call him anytime. The Urgent Care is great for after hours injuries. Usually we are able to get our kids in to see a doctor in the main office within 24 hours in most cases, where at other orthopedic offices it could take weeks. The help of the athletic trainer has also been a big boost to our program. I hate to boast but I believe that Enloe High School has the best High School Sports Medicine staff in Wake county and probably the state with 3 Certified Athletic Trainers and a great Team physician in Dr. Paul Kerner and EmergeOrtho."

–James Mastrovito, Enloe High School Head Athletic Trainer

"I have benefited both personally and professionally by the quality medical care provided at EO. With the addition of Breyene Barnes, communication has improved dramatically affording our student athletes and their parents easier access to and communication with the physicians."

–Ken Brown, Northern High School Head Athletic Trainer

"Over the last 10 years, Triangle Orthopedics has provided quality care for Leesville Road High School. They are a great group of professionals. I never have a problem getting an appointment or speaking with my team doctor. The relationship we have established revolves around their quality of care and their communication skills. I am able to directly call our team doctor for assistance as well as to find out the athlete's status (treatment protocol, diagnosis, clearance or not, etc). They are also good with providing a doctor's note about the medical situation for our documentation. I also commend them on the addition of the emergency (after hours) care facility. Our athletes are able to be seen 8:30 am-9:00 pm. I highly recommend Triangle Orthopedics to any high school athletic trainer, athletic director, or principal as well as their parents and student-athletes."

–Susan Pridgen, Leesville High School Head Athletic Trainer

"Being able to access your Orthopedic Urgent Care on a Saturday was a God-send. It was wonderful to avoid an ER. Thank you all so much for being open on Saturdays and after hours, Monday through Friday."

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"Being able to access your Orthopedic Urgent Care on a Saturday was a God-send. It was wonderful to avoid an ER. Thank you all so much for being open on Saturdays and after hours, Monday through Friday."

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