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The physicians of Triangle Orthopaedic Associates, P.A. have augmented the range of support services offered to their patients by establishing a full service Orthotic and Prosthetic facility within the practice. Their commitment to the highest level of care for patients requiring these services is reflected by employing Practitioners who have achieved and maintain professional certification under the auspices of the American Board for Certification in Orthotics and Prosthetics.

The field of Prosthetics involves the design, fabrication, and fitting of artificial limbs (prostheses) intended to replace a portion of the body that has been lost through amputation or was absent at birth (congenital). For example, this may range from a cosmetic replacement to a prosthetic leg or a myo-electric hand or arm. The field of Orthotics involves the design, fabrication and fitting of orthoses (braces or splints) intended to prevent or correct deformities, protect a painful part of the body or improve the function of a weakened extremity. This may include anything from custom fabricated arch supports to braces for the extremities or the spine.

A certified Orthotist/Prosthetist works together with physicians, surgeons, physical and occupational therapists at Triangle Orthopaedic Associates to form a multi-disciplinary team to provide the most comprehensive care possible for each individual.

For an individual in need of an artificial limb or an orthopedic brace, patient care is Harry Phillips’ and Carin Caves’ area of expertise. As an Orthotist/Prosthetist Certified by the American Board for Certification in Orthotics and Prosthetics, Harry Phillips, CPO and Carin Caves, CO have completed an extensive training and certification process that includes, among other aspects, an emphasis on assessment, device design and fitting procedures. Also, a mandatory continuing education program ensures that they remain up-to-date with the latest developments in technology and other areas relating to patient care. Harry and Carin are Orthotic and Prosthetic practitioners backed by skilled technicians.

The combined staff of the Triangle Orthopaedic Associates Orthotic and Prosthetic Department represent more than 60 years of combined professional and technical experience in both private practices and large hospital settings.

When a Patient is referred to the Orthotics and Prosthetics Department, the physician provides a prescription and sends it to the Orthotics and Prosthetics Department prior to the patient’s arrival. The staff works with the individual to determine the optimal design of the orthosis or prosthesis within the parameters indicated by the prescription. Once a prescription has been reviewed, a device is designed. The staff takes measurements and/or impressions necessary to fabricate the device. The device is fitted, and necessary adjustments are made to ensure optimal functional use by the patient. The client is consulted to determine his/her needs, goals, objectives, extent of the disability, and any other factors that may affect the fit and function of the device.

A key factor in helping the Orthotist or Prosthetist to provide excellent patient care is Triangle Orthopaedic Associates’ on-site manufacturing capabilities. This allows the staff to not only fit ready-made or centrally fabricated devices, but to custom-modify those devices. The staff can also custom-fabricate a wide range of orthoses or prostheses to fit the specific needs of a particular individual. Also, if at a later date, modifications or adjustments need to be made, they can usually be done on-site, providing the client with greater convenience and better service for their prosthetic or orthotic needs.

As Orthotic and Prosthetic practitioners who have significant experience in both private practice and large hospital settings, Harry and Carin have found that there are considerable advantages to providing Orthotic and Prosthetic services within an orthopedic practice. These advantages are related to three factors: access to patient information, access to prescribing physicians, and access to timely evaluation of the outcome of Orthotic or Prosthetic treatment.

Because Orthotists & Prosthetists work under the supervision of the physicians at Triangle Orthopaedic Associates, they have access to information related to the physician’s evaluation of the patient’s presenting problem, including the doctors' notes, appropriate test results and imaging studies. Consequently, patients are referred to an Orthotist or Prosthetist who has a far more thorough understanding of the problem which they are asked to manage than the Orthotist or Prosthetist would be able to obtain through patient interview and evaluation alone.

In the strictest sense, an Orthotist or Prosthetist is a “biomechanic” whose success or failure depends on providing what are essentially mechanical solutions to an individual’s physical problems. The more clearly the practitioner is able to understand the problem, the better chance there is of providing a workable solution. Access to the patient’s history is immensely helpful in developing a viable Orthotic/Prosthetic management plan.

The second advantage to working within Triangle Orthopaedic Associates is timely access to the prescribing physicians. Frequently, there are alternative management schemes that may prove efficacious in the care of a patient. By being able to discuss the alternatives with the prescribing physician, it is certain that the device provided will fit within the physician’s plans for his or her patient in the most appropriate fashion possible.

Finally, access is available to both immediate and long term follow up for the patients to whom Orthotic/Prosthetic care has been provided. The prescribing physician can evaluate the results of intervention, both in the near term following delivery, as well as during the long-term management of the patient. As a result, the O & P department can be assured that the desired outcome has been provided, or they can receive informed guidance as to how to improve the quality of the outcome for the patient. This allows for continued improvement in the quality of the care provided, and thereby, improves the quality of life for the patients using Orthotic and Prosthetic Services.

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"Being able to access your Orthopedic Urgent Care on a Saturday was a God-send. It was wonderful to avoid an ER. Thank you all so much for being open on Saturdays and after hours, Monday through Friday."

"Being able to access your Orthopedic Urgent Care on a Saturday was a God-send. It was wonderful to avoid an ER. Thank you all so much for being open on Saturdays and after hours, Monday through Friday."

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