Many people older in age experience leg and back pain when standing or walking, but can find relief when they bend forward or sit down. These symptoms can be associated with lumbar spinal stenosis. Spinal stenosis occurs when bone or tissue inside the spinal canal grow larger, usually due to aging, reducing the space available for the nerves. Often the nerves become compressed causing pain. The X-STOP procedure was FDA-approved in 2005 as a surgical option for the treatment of back and leg pain caused by lumbar spinal stenosis. The X-Stop spacer opens space between the vertebrae, reducing nerve compression and relieving nerve pain. The procedure is an option for patients who have not had sufficient pain relief following a reasonable course of physician-directed non-surgical treatment.

The X-STOP surgery is often an outpatient procedure performed with either with local anesthesia (an injection of numbing medicine at the incision) with the patient sedated or with a general anesthetic. An incision is made in the lower back where the lumbar stenosis is present. Using x-ray guidance and special instruments, the X-STOP spacer is inserted between the spinous processes behind the spine, which are the bones that you can feel when you run your fingers down your spine. Once the spacer is inserted, assembled, and set in place, the incision is closed. Since this surgery is minimally invasive and the spacer preserves your spinal anatomy, recovery time is typically short.

This procedure is a technologically advanced approach to spinal stenosis that we offer here at Triangle Orthopaedics. Please contact us at one of our Carolina office locations today.

Below are the most common surgeries performed by our spine center specialists:

Lumbar Spine (Lower Back)

Neck (Cervical Spine)

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