What Is Trigger Finger?

Trigger finger is a narrowing of the sheath that surrounds the tendon of the affected finger causes Trigger Finger or Stenosing Tenoynovitis. The condition can be painful and typically affects those whose work requires repetitive gripping.

Mild Trigger Finger Cases

For mild cases of trigger finger, our specialists may recommend that a patient wear a splint for up to six weeks to keep the finger in an extended position. The splint can help the joint to rest, and prevents the fingers from curling in the night.

This in-turn can reduce the pain that is felt in the morning. Finger exercises may also be prescribed to help regain mobility in the finger. In addition, it may be recommended that repetitive gripping be avoided for three to four weeks.

Extreme Trigger Finger Cases

Patients who experience more extreme cases of trigger finger may require percutaneous trigger finger release. With this procedure, a needle is used to release a locked finger. This release technique is most effective for the index, middle, and ring fingers.

Surgery of trigger finger is far less common. It is typically performed when the locking does not respond to any other treatments. During a consultation, your physician will review your individual case of trigger finger, and help identify what treatments might work best for your individual needs. If surgery is necessary, your surgeon will discuss the implications for you, and explain what you can expect in terms of procedure and recovery time.

Trigger finger does not have to continually cause pain. To learn more about how our Triangle Orthopaedic specialists can help, contact our Carolina practice today.

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