Tendon lacerations can be a deep cut from a sharp object such as a knife or even from a burn and cause serious problems for the hand. Function in the finger is dependent on tendons, as they work with muscles for motion so repair of a torn tendon is crucial for normal finger and hand function.

Repair should be as soon after the injury as possible. For the surgery, an incision is made, the ends of the tendon are found and the surgeon stretches it out to its correct position and stiches it back in place. After the tendon and the area around the tendon are repaired, the incision is closed up and a bandage is applied to protect the wound. Usually the patient will need to wear a splint for up to six weeks to let the tendon heal properly. Hand therapy and exercises will help the patient rebuild mobility and strength in the hand, and are a critical component to successful tendon repair.

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