Stiff elbows can be caused by osteoarthritis, infection, rheumatoid arthritis, or injury. This condition can limit the range of motion for the elbow and its functionality. Patients with stiff elbow will usually start with nonsurgical treatment but if complications still persist, they may resort to surgery. Depending on the need of the patient, the procedure could include release of the joint capsule, release of muscle or ligaments, removal of excess bone or loose bodies, and release of nerves if they are crowded. Some patients can have arthroscopic surgery, which may have a quicker recovery time than open surgery. This procedure will restore flexibility in the patient's elbow and improve overall function.

To perform daily activities with ease, we need our elbows to function naturally. At Triangle Orthopaedics, we can treat your stiff elbow, either with conservative treatment or release surgery. To learn more about your condition and treatment options available, please contact us at any of our office locations throughout North Carolina.

Common surgeries performed by our shoulder & elbow specialists:



Common Non-Surgical Treatments:

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