Sports Medicine is not just for competitive athletes, but is a medical specialty that serves any individual with a musculoskeletal injury or pain who seeks to be more active than their medical condition allows.

Triangle Orthopaedics Sports Medicine utilizes a multidisciplinary approach to the prevention of injury, restoring of physical function, and performance enhancement among athletes and physically active individuals. We offer a coordinated program geared toward diagnosis, evaluation, operative/non-operative treatment and education.

The orthopaedic service is augmented by on-site physical and aquatic therapy. Conditions treated may be due to injury, disease, or to the normal process of aging or disuse. The focus is on those injuries affecting the knee, shoulder, ankle, and elbow, among other areas.

We strive to continuously improve our service to both competitive and non-competitive athletes. We are committed to providing the best orthopaedic care for student athletes of local schools. We serve as the team physicians for all of the local schools in the communities where we practice, as well as the Durham Bulls AAA Baseball Club of the Tampa Bay Devil Rays.

Sports Medicine Outreach Program

Due to an increasing emphasis on athletics in the Triangle and surrounding counties, Triangle Orthopaedics has developed a specific outreach to these athletes. We are continually working to comprise a sports medicine team that incorporates sports medicine physicians, athletic trainers, physical therapists/occupational therapists, and many other healthcare professionals in effort to care for the physically active. Whether the athlete participates in high school athletics, club sports, or is a weekend warrior; we serve the communities where we practice and where you live.

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Orthopaedic Sports Medicine Surgeons

Mark A. Burt, M.D.
David T. Dellaero, MD
William D. Hage, MD
Paul J. Kerner, MD
Kevin L. Krasinski, MD
Marshall A. Kuremsky, MD
John S. Moss, MD
Benjamin M. Petty, MD, CAQSM
Shepherd F. Rosenblum, MD
Robert N. Satterfield, MD
William P. Silver, MD
Richard M. Slusher, DO
B. Todd Smith, MD
John M. Solic, MD
Adam T. Thorp, MD
Joseph B. Wilson, MD


Common surgeries performed by our sports medicine team:

Sport Medical Service – Knee

Sport Medical Service – Shoulder

Sport Medical Service – Elbow

Sport Medical Service – Foot & Ankle

Sport Medical Service – Hip

Sport Medicine Treatment – Multiple Joints

    Cortisone and Platelet Rich Plasma Injections

"Being able to access your Orthopedic Urgent Care on a Saturday was a God-send. It was wonderful to avoid an ER. Thank you all so much for being open on Saturdays and after hours, Monday through Friday."

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