The proximal joint can become a site for stiffness and pain from joint conditions like arthritis. By replacing the joint with an artificial one, a patient can enjoy activities with less pain and restriction. The artificial joint is made of silicon and functions just like a natural joint does.

The surgery can be done under general or local anesthetic and it takes about two hours to complete. The surgeon makes an incision over the damaged finger joint and spreads the tissue apart to expose the joint. The ends of the bones of the joint are shaved off and holes are made in the bones so the artificial joint can be snugly placed into the bones. The tissues are sewn together and the incision is closed.

After surgery, a bandage is placed on the finger and a splint is given to keep the finger supported and allow it to heal. Once stiches are removed, therapy and exercise can begin to help the patient recover. Rehabilitation can take up to three months or so after the replacement surgery.

At Triangle Orthopaedics, we treat many patients with arthritis conditions. To regain function in joints, replacement surgery could be an appropriate treatment option. To learn more about this surgery, contact our office today.

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