Herniated or damaged cervical discs in the spine can put pressure on the spinal nerves, causing pain, weakness and numbness. A minimally invasive cervical discectomy can be done to remove the disc to relieve pressure and restore function. For this procedure, the surgeon makes a tiny incision on the back of the neck, pushes aside tissue, and removes damaged disc material or bones spurs. A cervical formainotomy is done to relieve pressure on a nerve as well by widening the foraminal opening where the nerve roots run through. By opening up the foramen, the surgeon can more easily remove excess ligament or disc material that is causing nerve compression in the spine. These procedures are often done on an outpatient basis because they are minimally invasive, meaning incisions are very small and recovery time is shorter.

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Below are the most common surgeries performed by our spine center specialists:

Lumbar Spine (Lower Back)

Neck (Cervical Spine)

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