Metatarsal bones are the bones between the ankle and toe bones that bear much of our weight. Acute metatarsal fractures come from trauma or severe impact on the bone and stress fractures come from repetitive impact on the bone. A Jones fracture is a fracture to the fifth metatarsal that often requires surgery.

If intense pain, swelling, or immobility is experienced, the patient should see a doctor to determine the type of fracture and the treatment needed for it to safely heal. Rest, ice, and elevation of the foot are important to allow the fracture to heal, usually within six to eight weeks. The doctor may recommend the patient wear a cast or brace to immobilize the foot, sometimes paired with crutches. If there are multiple fractures or a dislocation of bone, surgery may be necessary to fix the metatarsal fracture. For the surgical procedure, the doctor makes a small incision over the area, exposes the fractured bone ends and puts them together with screws, wires, or plates. A splint or boot is usually applied.

To learn more about metatarsal and Jones fractures, please contact us at any of our office locations throughout North Carolina and we can provide you with information on treatment options available for you and how Triangle Orthopaedics can help.

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