For patients with severe arthritis or suffering from an injury of the hip that might wear out an artificial hip by continuing hard labor after surgery, a hip arthrodesis might just be the best option. A hip arthrodesis is the fusion of the thigh bone to the pelvis, using screws or metal plates. This fusion locks the hip in the correct position to alleviate pain. After surgery, the patient will walk with the limp, as there is no longer a joint there because it is all one bone now so the patient will need to discuss surgical options with their doctor to determine what is best for them.

To learn more about a hip arthrodesis or any other hip condition or surgery, please contact our office for information. Triangle Orthopaedics has surgeons that are experienced in many types of hip and other joint surgeries so we can offer treatment suited just for you.

Common surgeries performed by our total joint specialists include:

Pelvis and Hip Joint



Common Non-Surgical Treatments:

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