Medial epicondylitis, otherwise known as golfer's elbow, is a condition caused by overuse of the forearm and elbow tendons and muscles. Pain and weakness when grasping or squeezing are common symptoms of golfer's elbow. Once the diagnosis is clear, the doctor will usually recommend nonsurgical treatment. However, surgery may be necessary if conservative treatment fails to relieve pain.

Golfer's elbow release is a surgery used to take pressure off of the flexor tendon. The surgeon will make an incision along the arm, over the damaged area and push aside the tissues so the site where the tendon attaches to the medial epicondyle is exposed. The surgeon then cuts the flexor tendon where it is attached, splits the tendon, and takes out extra scar tissue or bone spurs if they are present. The incision is then stitched together and the elbow is placed in a splint.

If you are experiencing symptoms of Golfer's elbow, contact our office to make an appointment and our specialists at Triangle Orthopaedics can discuss treatment options with you. You do not have to play golf to develop this condition but, in fact, golfers get tennis elbow much more commonly.

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