Because our fingers are so important for us to perform everyday activities, finger fractures should be seen by a doctor so the proper treatment can be given. If the fracture causes instability or a deformity in the finger, fixation may be necessary to repair the bones in the fingers using pins, screws, or plates. If the fracture can be held with pins, an incision is not needed. The surgeon will realign the bones and place a pin through the skin and into the bone. The pin sticks out of the end of the finger so it can be taken out after the fracture heals. However, if an incision needs to be made, it will be made on the finger where the fracture is located and the surgeon will insert screws into the bone to secure the fracture. In some cases, a metal plate may need to be placed and held in with screws. Once the fracture is secured, the incision is closed and the finger is bandaged and placed in a splint.

This procedure is normally done on an outpatient basis. The patient is instructed to keep the hand elevated to reduce pain and swelling. After about three to six weeks, the pins are taken out but screws and plates are not taken out unless there are problems. Therapy will often be necessary for the hand to strengthen after the fracture is healed and the splint is taken off.

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