This painless condition of the hand prevents the ability of one or more fingers from fully straightening. Tissue thickens under the skin and bends a finger or fingers toward the palm. This condition can interrupt daily activities and if nonsurgical treatment does not work, Dupuytren's release surgery may be needed. In this outpatient surgery, an incision is made in the hand and the surgeon cuts and removes the thick band of tissue to improve movement of the tendons. In cases where attached skin is removed along with tissue, skin grafts are needed to replace the skin. Physical therapy is needed after surgery and recovery could take several weeks.

Although Dupuytren's contracture doesn't cause pain, it is bothersome when your fingers can't bend naturally. Contact our office today to learn more about this condition and the release surgery we offer here at Triangle Orthopaedics.

Common hand and Wrist Conditions:


Carpal Tunnel Release

Common Non-Surgical Treatments:

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