Bicep tendons attach the bicep muscle to bones in the shoulder and elbow. If the tendon is torn at the elbow, the arm will become weak and unable to fully function. Patients can usually feel the tendon when it ruptures and will have swelling, bruising, and weakness in the elbow. To restore full function of the elbow, surgery may be appropriate.

This procedure can be done different ways, making only one incision or two. Sometimes the tendon can be reattached using stiches through holes that the surgeon drills in the bone. In other cases, the surgeon places small suture anchors to attach the tendon to the bone and secure it there. After surgery, the arm is placed in a cast or split. Resistance exercises and physical therapy will eventually be prescribed for the patient to regain strength in the elbow. The tendon will take several months to completely heal so it is important for the patient to follow doctor's instructions so normal activities can be resumed quickly and avoid complication. To learn more about tendon repair surgery, contact Triangle Orthopaedics at any of our Carolina office locations today.

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